Hello and to whom it may concern.  I have to praise your company for making such wonderful dog treats.  My dogs go absolutely wild for Scooter's Beefy Bites.  They also LOVE your Sweet Potato treats to no end.  I Just wish it was available in a larger size bag.  Food for thought?  Thank you for using only ingredients that are from the USA.  Rest assured we can give your treats with no hesitation. 

Thanks again, Jill

Where can we buy?!

  We 1st purchased your Sweet Potato’s & Beefy Twists at Dog Fest in August, our dogs LOVE them!!! Of course we ran out & were happy to see you again at Woof Stock in October.

You seem to have great products & our dogs love them.  Please keep up the good work and work on more stores to carry them.    

Thanks, Paul 

I just wanted to inquire about ordering more of your delicious treats.  I was at the Meadowlands dog fair in November and you guys had a booth set up there - my dogs just LOVED your treats (and I love them because they are all natural).

Thank you for making these wonderful treats.


Ron, i must tell you that your sweet potato and your chicken strips treats are the best i have purchased. i have tried 3 other brands but they are not the same.
i used to work in the area of Mike's feed Farm Riverdale but no longer am in the area.
if i can purchase these closer to Ramsey, let me know where.
if you dont mind an order by email, let me know how to do that and the cost of the larger package of both types of treats  -sweet potato and chicken strips.
Zoe responds to the word Scooter and she hasnt heard that in a couple of months - just noticed that i had cut out the package label which is why i am contacting you.
thank you and have a safe day today.

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