Scooter's USA Beefy Bites

So you're interested in our delicious and tasty USDA all natural made in the USA variety off beef treats. Well here's an introduction to our variety of beef options.

Seasoned Premium Beefy Bites
Our best seller.. Scooter's Beefy Bites. A limited ingredient bite size treat that does not contain any of the following: no soy, no wheat, no corn, no fillers of any kind. There are absolutely no chemicals or harmful preservatives


Twisted Treats of Beef Tender & Bully Stick
Our wonderful Beefy Twists are two treats in one. A pairing of one beef tendon and one American bull stick intertwinded as one wonderful treat. The beef tendons are from locally raised beef and the bully sticks come from the Dakota's. Our Beefy Twists are great for a challenge and clean teeth. The Beefy Twists are meant for medium to large dogs.

100% Beef Trachea
Our third beef product is very simple. Trachea Chips or chews call them what you like but they are as simplistic as we get. The same as our Beefy Twists and Beefy Bites we use locally raised beef and roast the trachea to kill any harmful bacteria. We then slice them into 2-3 inch pieces and that's it. One of the great properties of beef trachea is that it is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. No bones about it, no pun intended.
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