Will the real Scooter Please Sit Up!
Yes... there is actually a real dog named Scooter. He is now a 7 year old Havanese that is black and white. He currently weighs about 16 lbs. and slightly overweight. I guess being the personal taste tester has its advantages, or disadvantages if you see thru your veterinarian's eyes. Scooter has many local friends that love his treats and they all give their paw stamp of approval on our growing variety of natural treats.
Scooter's day is pretty relaxed. He basically is a wonderful lap dog that doesn't like to lay on your lap. He enjoys laying on the sofa or love-seat and playing with his Garfield toy. When he's not napping which is most of the time, he enjoys barking up a storm when his family sits at the dining room table begging for food. If our table could talk, it would probably yell at us and say "Keep that angry dogs paws off my legs,they don't itch anymore!" For the most part Scooter is not just a pet, he is our first child and will always be that way in our hearts.
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